Vladmir Putin - Why North Korea should not abandon Nuclear Weapons


They already have them… they will never abandon them.

But, ofcourse, Putin, who leads a state opposed to the current world order and is himself under sanctions, is telling North Korea “Hey, we are with you”. Its all about building Russian influence. Putins end game is to make the USSR Russia an equal to the USA in world affairs.

Nuclear weapons are only a deterrent to overt foreign aggression on home soil. But as we have seen with Iraq, Iran and Pakistan the US finds creative ways around that. Nuclear weapons do not deter or prevent sanctions, blockades and political isolation. I think when it gets to a point where a country can barely feed or power a majority of its population, standing in defiance is pointless. What is a nation’s first responsibility if not looking after its own citizens?

Bro, do you know what you are saying?? Do you know how North koreans live? They are like a medieval society. They are there to serve the Kim family and not the other way around.

Nuclear weapons don’t make sense if they aren’t offensive.Could be better if the DRNK used nuclear energy to power their factories , as Europe,China and Japan have done.Whats the point of having a stock pile of weapons you can’t use? Paranoia drives the Kim family

Yes they do make sense… When you have nuclear weapons that means you can protect yourself. If Lybia had it, if Africa had it then we wouldn’t endure economic revolutions from outside powers. China also did the same, it closed its borders and got strong before opening itself for the world. Don’t you think if U.S.A could have exported revolution a long time ago they wouldnt?

Nuclear weapons make A TON of sense my fren. Its the main reason why Russia punches way above its weight in international affairs.

Its the main reason why a budding superpower like india will think twice before invading Pakistan.

Its the main reason why North Korea will never be invaded

Nuclear weapons are the perfect defensive weapon and the only reason why the USA and USSR never went to war. It would have been MAD-ness to do so

si uko na kiherehere ni kama io mkundu yako inaweza launch icbm…
meffi wewe

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