Vivian Sabina Joy

Vivian huyo dame yellow yellow mkikuyu anapenda kukaa hapo kwa counter hua na thighs na haga tamu… shida villagers hapo wamesalimiana sana.nilianza kumuona nikiwa campo . She got a nice ass though

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Wakati unaanza kujua malware by name…

Why go to Sabina Joy really? What is so good there?

Hauna mbicha au sketch…

Kila mtu aende pale anataka.

I agree. At least they will achieve their threshhold and go home satisfied.

Sabina Joy is the best club around Nairobi cbd even when foreigners want to experience real Nairobi night life, they go there., it’s the Las Vegas of Nairobi

I wish this fool from sports pesa who hacked his girlfriend could be a regular visitor of Sabina Joy… he would have relieved his stress and explored the world and this would have prevented him from doing such a stupid thing

I have been to whiskey river,Galileo and other places where wannabes struggling with middle class life converge and they are nothing compared to SJ…

Your systems are already fired!

I have been with prostitutes but something about how guys go on about it here makes me curious. When a man screws a prostitute I didnt think it would start with them leaving their house saying, " am go get me that vivian prostitute woman…" I thought when you fuck a prostitute it is an improptu action, something that happens when you come across her and you make up your mind in the heat of the moment.

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Apparently some even dream about them…maybe it’s soulties…

how is that related to this topic I am just saying there is a hot prostitute called Vivian and that is a fact … ata malaya ni binadamu

OK. Now go fuck some other prostitute then, not that one. Ukifikia hapo umefika itaonekana kama wewe ni pimp unataftia dem market hapa, sio basi umenoki malaya.

Kojoa ulale

Sawa Vivian.

vivian haga tamu na thighs balaa

there are repeat customers.Lanye inaeza kupatia coomer ibidi umerudi baadae kuomba chumvi for no reason at all

Na untold skin diseases!

Your naive those slay queens you see at whiskey rivers and squander your money or that office lady you are salivating on May be at risk more than Sj prostitutes …