Viva FTA

My mission today; To nab Yamal 402 and Nss 12 with one lnb on my 130 cm dish and adding 7w to my 8ft prime focus dish which alredy has 7e,17e and 20e…tips are welcome!

hapo sasa nimepeperuka mbaya…

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you can also add 68 and 70 on the dish, mbisha sina saa hii

I managed 7E, 7.3W, 17E & 5E on one dish. Yet to find time to add 1w & 26E to the set-up.

@luther at this juncture a pic would be more than a thousand words

Hawa watu wanaongea lugha gani o_O

FTA means Free To Air tv… but what they are talking about here are not terrestrial tv channels but free satellite tv channels.

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and there are hundreds of them, from football to movies to documentaries, if you have a dish and a HD decoder you dont need a set top box.

kumbe ni mimi na wewe tu ndo tunaerewano hapa

Tools zimenilet down leo, plus stima zikapotea. I was using sound to set up (analogue style). I got nilesat 7w but dint have an extra arm to fix it. I now need to fabricate an arm extension…Viva Fta![ATTACH=full]1709[/ATTACH]


Will do so soon as I transfer them to my comp. Patience.

From top to bottom: 7.3W, 5E, 7E & 17E.


Still trying to add 1W and finetune the 7.3W to receive 7W. Any tips are welcome.


Side view:



Nice setup, i see that C-band lnb on the dish am sure you also planning to add it below 17e for arabsat 5c at 20E. Viva FTA :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: That’s the one I intend for 1°W. Niliipata kidogo kisha ikapotea and I was pressed for time. Will try again this week and update.

My brother. I have not yet called you but will soon do. Now I recently bought a digital tv and they gave me a dstv decoder and dish for free as part of the promo. Question is;
Once I buy the FTA decoder, can I use this dish or is it smaller?
I also need to ‘trade in’ these decoders with the FTA one. (Gotv, Star times and Dstv)…Can you or your guy agree?

@Meria Mata what happend thought i was giving you biz for the FTA

What the FUCK :eek:…what are you guys talking about??

Guys hia fear money or they not competent to what they write hia… Gave out a tender on this ish and nobody came up