citizen is really pushing this viusasa app, but are Kenyans willing to pay for content and bandwidth at the same time.Local content is good it might just work.

I’ve seen the app adverts. How does it work? What does the app sell?

All their radio stations are marketing it at top notch

This app is chieth…nililipia the 20bob niwatch but most of the content iko youtube.

sigwes lipia news in 2017, show me adds

At least they are trying something new. But it is bound to fail. Their target market won’t pay for both bundles and subscription, and the middro class who have the bandwidth are not interested in that content

I’ve gone through the app’s reviews on Google store. The comments are so negative that I’m tempted to download. :smiley:

Making money in Kenya is a tough job kweli. S.k. macharia tried to call politicians to advertise on his platforms during this election cycle na sikuona hata M.P. hata governer mmoja advertising on citizen tv. Even raila ran like 20 tv ads max.

And how are the likes of jumia surviving? do they even break even or like amazon they don’t need profits?
Or even showmax for instance are they hacking it?

The issue is greed from the govt. Kibaki alileta fibre zamani hata haijulikani kulienda aje. Just a bunch of thieving profiteers like Safaricom and zuku bleeding people for every coin they can get. And it was promised that Kenya power would distribute affordable internet on their powerlines, that remains a pipedream. If S.K. macharia and other oligarchs can figure out a way to deliver affordable broadband internet he’d make even more money. But now he’s targeting a very special niche willing to pay for more or less, garbage. He’s probably old na hajui that kwa internet watu huwa wanadownload blockbuster movie imekuwa released two days earlier for FREE! If these fuckers won’t pay to watch The Mummy unataka walipe kuona which first lady of the county is best dressed? Or Joho riding a mountain bike with nuts hanging low?

These antics point to a form of desperation. Maybe Macharia is not making as much money from adverts as before. Competition imekuwa mingi. And that’s why they’re broadcasting news almost throughout the day.

kuna watu najua as long as internet spreads to other towns watahama Nairobi.

Heard fibre ya safcom sio yao they just run and manage it that’s why iko cheap.the green monster is taking up everything in Kenya soon they hold us hostage

Hurumia closet babaa.

Killing the baby right after its born. It aint going nowhere


Naishi outskirts of Nai and planning to move further away as the fibre rolls out. Ikifika Limuru mashambani najitoa.

YOUTUBE+TORRENT sites the rest ni hekaya

kuna adblock

What’s wrong with ads? let the website owners make money as long as si zile flashing ads or those that redirect or za malware.

rather than paying for the content am happy with being shown ads as an alternative since content creation/servers cost money


Afadhali hao content creator wangeunda tu channel ya YouTube na was monetize hiyo channel via AdSense

MBS. Safaricom share.

Na wale ‘actors’ walidanganywa ati wako ‘attaches’?
From all tribes, watoto was shule. Citizen itawalipa kweli?