Vitumob ni wakali kuliko Safaricom

In terms of wizi wa mabavu



They can ship to Kenya?

Some sellers do but not on every item

He means the cost of shipping from Amazon to VituMob. Try a different shipper and compare costs too.

Like which one coz savostore has been suspended for maintenace

There was one posted in some thread the other day, with offices in Corner House if my memory serves me right.

Nani amebuy anything from this guys?

have you bought anything from them?

They look legit.

Hahahaha…they sure do…but i need to hear it from a guinea pig; and the experience in terms of service, PR, delivery etc.

I ordered an appliance from them on Thursday. They got back to me the following day with an invoice and then yesterday (Sunday) they told me that they have procured my appliance and that it is on the way. They say 14-21 days. Ill keep you guys posted


Happy to report that i got my mobile phone accessory on friday evening.

From kentex ama vitumob?

From kentex. Ill post pics

Meanwhile, I’m still doubting ile site ingine ya madova. Emailed them last evening, nangoja majibu.

Hata mimi naishuku sana. Some of the items’ shipping value is way cheaper than expected…and inconsistent…