Vita vya kikabila bonde la ufa: Watu 7 wauliwa.


Ngite yee mbona wakuna drumbeats of war?

Hii tuliona Salaadin kabla akuwe Sultan wa Syria and Egypt in 1164.


old news is no news.besides the matter has already been settled by the concerned


Don’t worry, they’ll attack one of their other neighbors again very soon. That will be fresh news

may your prayers never come to pass.death is never fun

Quite frankly you’re recklessly stupid!

Nakubali na @Doc Oga…If @Mjuaji was alive in 1164 and had working ears and eyes like fellow villagers, angejua hi ilikua sawali ya History K.A.P.E… the same year na hakuna mtu alifail…:D:D:D

How much do you want to bet? 3 months tops !