Visitin rules 2017

:negative_squared_cross_mark: 20 HOUSE VISITATION RULES :negative_squared_cross_mark:

  1. Always call before visiting.

  2. Kindly remove your shoes before entering ones house, you dont clean it.

  3. If you’re from the rural, kindly carry some chicken, fish, beans or other produce. Cost of living is high.

  4. If in the same city, try visiting after meal times, observe family budget.

  5. If whoever you want isn’t in, go back…stop entertaining the spouse or the maid.

  6. If you must go for a long call, kindly flush and leave the loo as clean as u found it.

  7. Visit on your own, don’t carry groups to someone’s house.

  8. Take your complicated nonsense far away…I don’t eat red fish, I’m allergic to starch etc. No one forced you here.

  9. If you’re an overnight guest…u must bathe.

  10. If you have a running stomach…stay in your house.

  11. Cease all stupid questions…have you completed mortgage, is that your landlord, how much was this carpet.

  12. When serving food do not overload, u’re not the only hungry soul.

  13. Don’t confuse the household claiming you’re full n satisfied n can only taste a bit…and end up tasting four full bowls.

  14. As much as possible invite your host to your home as well.

  15. Don’t start haggling for the remote with your hosts kids. That’s their home.

  16. If your host assists u with an umbrella, raincoat or flashlight…kindly return promptly with gratitude. Do not keep.

  17. When visiting a household with kids. Kindly carry for them some biscuits, sweets etc. These are proper manners.

  18. If u do breakfast with your host, try your utmost best, not to do lunch,as well. They don’t offer food relief.

  19. If u’re staying for overnight, you dont have to embarrass everyone by washing your underwear and hanging it like a flag in, awkward places…simply Rewind it until you get to your home.

  20. Ensure that you help around. Dont wait for everything to be done for u.

I hope we are together.

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