Visit Your Wife’s Workplace To See If Your Kids Look Like Any Of Her Colleagues

Visit Your Wife’s Workplace To See If Your Kids
Look Like Any Of Her Colleagues

Not far from the truth…one of my work buddies has a kid with a married woman and the husband thinks the kid is his. Nairobi wimenz for you

Leta hekaya omwami

Just leave her.
When it gets to a point where you become that suspicious just leave… because at this rate you will also have to visit her church, her gym and even her chama to confirm paternity right? Not worth it

Just swab the kids mouths, bole bole.

Did your work buddy do a DNA…or hes among the 10 betas that have been convinced by the cunning lady to provide for her child?

Who has an idle 20 sausans to spend on DNA chief

Hio 20k chukua 3 chics from pioneer University pale ngara… Peleka wao hapa sagana… Per night ni ksh. 6000… Spend 2 nights… Extra nunua chrome GIN na weed… Na nyama… Siku kuu ume kula ama laa?


why waste time in such a useless expedition just do dna immediately kids are born its just 20k

Upus. Alpha males tuko busy tuki-prepare for inauguration on 20th Jan na ku-ensure peace prevails in Nagorno-Karabakh. Insecure beta males ndio hufanya vitu za kipuzi hivyo. You do a DNA test, if the kids are not yours you throw the maliar out and start dating a Brazilian supermodel.

The truth is your wife will remove that panty for a colleague, whether you visit or not,it’s the the law of nature. And she will be treated as a hoe.

Leta hekaya omwami, usimeze dawa ya mede

Nigga just do a damn DNA test. Stop getting yourself worked up. It’s just 20k forensic lab ile ya serikali, that’s if you are too suspicious of being paternally conned.

Chief, how do you shrub ukiongoe na bado una shrub uki type?Ati ‘mede’.WTF???

I never shrub, I like how they say dawa ya mede over and over again. It’s like ni kama Ndrama ni kama vindeo.

Wewe ni mtu wa downtown unafaa uelewe hizi vitu.

I dont see what down town has to do with this but sawa I get your point Mkuu.


Ahaha I have done it na wife wa msee my colleague. Funny shit is that she told me the husband’s makez her squirt and I fuck her good.I have never been confused like that

Wale majamaa hukinda hio bidhaa huwa hapo stage kadhaa

Zidi tu, ya kufa ni ya kufa