Virtual university learning

Hii mambo ya virtual leaning ni kweli au ni upus, i mean can you earn a worthy degree just by using tablet.KU wako nayo saa hii naona MKU wameleta pia, is it really viable.?

Wacha hiyo i know guys who school their kids at home. Right from baby class

That’s the future of education. Online courses. I hated campus life.

Ati u hated campus life? Who the hell in their sane mind would hate campus life? You must have been one hell of a lonely antisocial guy

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If campus life was the highlight of your life then I have to pity you. Low standards :eek:

Its not about being the highlight of ones life but enjoying the experience. Unless ulisomea Baraton university where kuna rules tighter than za highschool ama Strathmore where you were forced to vaa official at all times

I enjoyed my time at KU but moderately.

The whole idea behind going to college is not just for the lectures. Some of the most important lessons in life will not even be offered in any lecture or class but by being there and interacting with your contemporaries you’ll learn them nonetheless.

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This came before modern schooling. Its actually the original idea which was then twisted to the modern system for the purpose of collective mobilisation. Home schooling and apprenticeship made mathematicians and scientists who laid the basis for industrial revolution of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Schooling people in groups like sheep hasnt benefitted anyone except the elite. Online collective schooling is just as bad as the organised three tiered kindergaten system. Modern innovations are mostly by independent people who more often than not rebel the modern organised schooling.

Most countries offer those online degrees which in one way is good if you’re working but some units require you to attend the actual classroom depending on the course.

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It depends on the implementers. However, if person-to-person courses are below par, you would not expect the online courses to be any better, in fact, they are more involving on the part of the lecturer.

Mtoto wangu hawezi somea online campus. Aende shule asocialise na wenzake. Online ni for improving one’s skills

Niko na swali lakini. Ikiwa KU is offering a full course online, what will make people choose it over, say M.I.T online?


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And you are experiencing your highlight in ktalk? We pity u too

MIT kuwa ready na kitu $ 38,000 per annum

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Don’t feel bad if you didn’t have a life before campus, which I doubt you even went. We’re different. Deal with it

It may not be the highlight, but those years are pretty important. I find in most cases that is where you find your real boys/girls that are with you for life. As for having a life before campus, I can’t say many of us did. Being a teen is not really what we would call a “life” it was simply existence till you were legal.
So just out of curiosity, what Uni did you go to?

Its viable but it requires some proper discipline to do the coursework. I have tried to do some online courses on but i just never seem to be able to settle to watch the lecture then do the work. Im one of those people better off being in an actual classroom.
Lakini shule siwezi rudi! I’ll go when Im being given an honorary doctorate in humanities for taming @Unicorn 's lust. :p:D


This has been happening ata before the internet age.In the UK it used to be called Distant Learning and the Uni would literally post you all the course material and the only time you attended the campus was for exams. And you would have a lecturer on call 24 hours a day on a discounted phone line for guidance etc.