Virtual Machine on Windows OS

Hey folks
I need to do some work on a vm, as oppossed to my local computer. Someone recomended Oracle VM, It seems heavy and sluggish on my PC. Any other options that would provide a quicker VM?

Hyper-V is native to Windows 10. But I wonder why you are having problems with virtualbox, it is used widely by all and sundry and is generally considered stable.

Amyway, VMware player is free and may be able to meet your needs.

Am not a IT guy per say. hio Hyper v nimeitry kuset up. ikanipiga chenga

Virtualbox ikikataa kwa machine yako ongeza RAM
VMware works well too
Chek your virtualization settings kwa bios pia

Guide ziko kila mahali ata Youtube

I noticed VMWare fails to work right after a system reboot thereby needing a reinstall.