VIP Portal, watu wanalilia kwa choo

we told people at Wazua that hii ni ponzi some guus defended it yet it quacked like a duck. sasa they have closed their doors and Wangai is not picking calls. waty wameenda CID hawasaidiki. yaani you here the amounts dumped here na wengi ni ladies (no disrespect). a lady called sijuo Wajiru dumped 999955/= that’s 1M less 45/=. in kenya you dont need that scolopamine drug


There are suckers born every minute. Also, for every intelligent person there are hundred fools.

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Duped/dumped o_O

i salute whoever shafted them.
i hope he kept their contacts so that he can screw them again.
good riddance.
si huyo mama aulize unicorn,supu,purr and female p how may toys a million can buy


It was bound to happen. Anyone who understands the basics of the forex market knows that it’s not a bed of roses.

some lend me a gun i shoot all these motherfucking grammar nazis who probably flunked their engrich testesis

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whenever am bored I usually go to their FB page to get amused by their twisted logic that God has brought VIPortal to Africa and the agents of the devil are out to discourage them. They even quote bible verses. I don’t pity any of them


dumped. the context is that people dumped their money

What was the scheme?

that guy has made upwards of a B pesa farifari. Why am I slaving?

I think the business is legal but people went joking with their money on the chart. In forex, you dont need anyone to con you. You just need to joke about with the chart on your laptop and you will be out of a million bob in thirty minutes. Alafu utaanza kublame watu wengine ooh ati umeibiwa. Currencies zimeonyesha watu mambo. Including the likes of Buffet.
The chart jumps and you will think that someone if pulling strings but the truth is the thing goes against all human instincts and 999.99 of traders have the sum of their bets in a loosing position. You check all charts from the South African to the Russian and its all the same. Its just that people aren’t used to that volatile and risky shit.

they usual bullcrap, give me your money I invest in forex offshore the give it back to you plus interest

and you want to tell me evolution is a wet dream darwin came up with.
those mofos have not yet evolved fully

VIPortal was fake. they were registered in some godforsaken island and some drama came up about that and when people asked hard questions they started calling those guys the devil

so in real sense forex shafted them?
if you ask dennisyoung he will tell you you shouldnt loose even a cent you dont want to loose in forex iff you know what you are doing



and if you go to their FB pages you will realize the profiles that are singing praise and claiming to have been paid are fake, most likely created by the owner and his accomplices. All those profiles blocked me for telling them they are bullshitting; every time I get to their page I see maybe twelve comments on opening the section only one or two comments from people complaining,the rest are fake that have blocked me

it sounds like they nearly conned you bro?

Nope I learnt about the scam on Wazua and decided to search them out and see the kind of people that believe in such crap


But there are guyz in Wazua that went in early and left before the thing started crumbling,thing is you can make money from a pyramid scheme,you only have to know when to get in and get out. And don’t be greedy

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