Violence so high, can't even afford a dishonest living anymore

So this guy drives to a drug store where he’d planned to steal from. Once done, he leaves the store - a surprise awaited him. He’s car had been stolen. Astonished a d shocked the guy looks confused not sure what to make of it. Before he has time to make his next move, someone comes and robs his steal from the drugstore. The fella decides it’s too much and decides to report to the authorities. Getting to the police station, another shocker - he meets the guy he had robbed from at the drug store. The folk gets arrested on the spot and here’s what he had to say, “violence is too high. You can’t even make a dishonest living. You go out to rob and return even poorer.”

Ps- the stolen car was new, he had robbed it the previous day.

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Ethiopia ikiwa Abyssinia

still funny as ferk

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