Villagers where can I find these condoms? Zimeisha Nilipewa 2014 but nitanunua.

Ama kuna substitute ya KY Jelly? [ATTACH=full]8423[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8423[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8423[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8424[/ATTACH]

whats so special with these ones?

rubber ni rubber


I didn’t like these condoms when I tried them…after a few hard and fast strokes the lube ishaz and they start burning out. When you go hard and fast at a rate that’s higher than a lady’s rate of mucus production from her membranes, you’ll greatly depend on the condom’s ability to withstand the pressure. These were no good. and neither were any of the Kenyan brands. I particularly hate Kenyan brands because of their rings (small and not too flexible). Zinaumiza. The rest of the condom huwa flexible but the ring part, No No. Always creates that awkward silence part as the lady watches me try so hard nikiumia just to get it over the head…My best advice is…Go for Durex… Or Rough Rider. But then again the market is flooded by fake rough riders which are poorer and way smaller than the originals (bt strangely better than Kenyan condoms).

Wazi @Cantilever uko na kubwa…tumekushika


Wewe buwana…Hii si debate ya ukubwa vs udogo…Ni Substandard vs Standard condoms! The struggles of poor condoms vis-a-vis the perks of high quality condoms.

Mambo ya kondoom mimi ni kama Ndingi, siyajui wala siyatambui.


That grey part. The lubricant. K-Y jelly is expensive

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Villagers hapa hutumia mate ama elianto? or do you guys lick every pussy or insert fingers anywhere to make them wet? With this lubricant a condom can’t tear off the probability of friction is 0% impossibru![ATTACH=full]8454[/ATTACH]iko nini?



Hizi ni condoms za NGO. Not a profit organisation. kuzipata ni ngumu. I don’t think ata unaeza at the moment. Was supplied a couple (incl female ones) by a medic friend for fun. Kama lubricant inakusumbua sana, try Lovon…Reasonably priced and fairly good

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You seem to know a thing or two about condoms. Whats your take on these ones?[ATTACH=full]8461[/ATTACH]

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wacha hii maneno, enda tumbukiza mutree dry fry, kuja leta hadithi. hiyo tutaenjoy zaidi.

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Govt issue

As sure as death.


They okolea stock ikiisha! Kinda like that small revolver in ankle hoster!

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I actually think sex was meant without ni venye mambo ya dunia immeenda siku hizi

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