villagers and whores

What’s obsession do the villagers in here have with whores?

Lately talkers are talking of brothels and whores too much. No day can ever pass without villagers talking about an escapade with a whore or directions to a whore house.

Have villagers become sissies just that they can’t approach women and have sex. Why should one be talking of whores all the time.

Wengine wanasema vile biz ya brothel iko na dooh mob sana. TF!!

villagers kama @mastermwenyewe na @Peter Mollis hakuna kitu ya maana wanaongelea isipokuwa malaya tu. Its okay to screw a whore but don’t make it habit. I have screwed a whore before just for the thrill but I haven’t made it a habit.

Halafu mtu anakam kubrag huku vile alitomba malaya huko river road ni kama ni achievent. Bure kabisa

Guys its time to change.

@Starscream kabishane na @under23

Its a free country

Facts most talkers exhibit signs of being very insecure. The thing I love about reddit these mofos keep their sex lives to themselves only bad thing you can’t relate with the site most of the time. Wanaume mwache umama. Men don’t ferk and go shouting about it like some high school nerd who lost his virginity.Am sure most talkers hate that culture it’s just that they fear going against the majority. Let’s use this site to advance our minds and other fun stuff. Not sissy activities like “ohh nilitomba malaya”
"Wah Wah congratulations man that must have been so hard to achieve, I bet it took real skills and hard work " ghasia gerrara here man

And all that from someone who has this [ATTACH=full]202339[/ATTACH]

as an avatar.
Talk of preaching wine and drinking water. Pharisees in the good old book…could not touch you @tall mnyama everywhere

90% of Nairobi women are whores , difference decent whores and brothel/ street whores

Your avatar betrays you

Tall mnyama mbona unanitaja kama mimi ni bibi yako shenzi. The thing is this if someone wants me to tell them where a club is nitamwambia. Just like if someone asks where they can get a shit hekaya I just tell them to read yours

This is the sex section… What would you have us discuss?

are you trying to be funny or what?
we hata ushaituletea hekaya yoyote?
mdomo ndo kubwa lakini kuongea ni matope tu

Niaje #TBT.

acha kudanganya there are lots of subreddits about sex and other sex-related stuff on redit. Kwanza huko they are more open-minded and talk about sex freely than pretenders like you. Usijifanye ni wewe tu uko sophisticated na uko huko


Kuna hadi sexual achievement thread.

This is a village of social misfits and outcasts.

Tall mnyama I’m serious,i don’t write hekayas I just read them. Your hekayas however are unreadable ata afadhali ujinga ya sledgehammer.

for people like akina @eddy mahelo their Operating System tells them its okay
for people like me it will never be okay
sijawai na sitawai

to change someones OS u will need alot more than words

ata for the slayqueens and prostitutes sharon wengine 100 wakikufa they will continue to sell maku
its embedded in their minds
like a disease the only way to free these people from their shackles is letting them make that choice to change at their own pace

Huyu jamaa is the biggest misfit of all he is childish and he seems to have an unhealthy obsession with me

The thing is it’s not the main thing about reddit and these posts are actually quite interesting to read about. Here it’s all about “nimetomba huyu, ntapata wapi malaya? Nani amekamua huyu?” Very generic repetitive boring shit. Kila mtu ameona kuma. There are days where the only discussion in Ktalk is kuma tu. Admit uko na kichwa ndogo mluyha mjinga. Don’t call me a pretender, I like sex as much as the next guy I just don’t feel the need to shout about it everytime I bust a nut.

wacha matusi buda, woman fuck you because you can provide whether ni bibi ama kunguru…
kosa pesa uone ama bibi yako atakuheshimu tena

You dont expect Sex stuff to be posted in /r/Technology or /r/dataisbeautiful unless if they are related, just because you are active in some sub does not mean that others are not existent. same with Ktalk, there are categories in the site, you can choose to focus on those of your liking and ignore those you don’t. simple

A lot of some fucked up shit in there

kuna Gonewild where people post their own nudes and Gonewildtube where they post their own sex videos