Nimeland ocha. Banae cousins, uncles and are insisting that nazeeeka na hawaoni wife.

This ocha people:D:D

Take the golden opportunity to educate them on MGTOW, utasave relatives kadhaa from the unforgiving plantation

Tell them that it is primitive to reproduce like gmo rats when you can’t provide for the kids. As most ocha people do

Devotion to self is one thing married men cannot afford. Sure, they do get companionship from their children and their spouses, but I can’t think of anything a married men would do to replace the freedom he lost.

This is why they will always recruit you to their side if only to confirm that they made the right decision.

Nunua a few busaa mitungis na maswali za ujinga zinaisha.

I thought this happens to us women only. I had to answer that question many times years ago:D:Dkwanza it was laced with ‘concern’ …Ati sasa when you guys meet out there do you even know your family tree ama ututaletea a distant cousin bila kujua? the wazees emphasised this so much!

Pia mimi hizi ndizo maswali zinafanya nisikanyage mashinani.:D:D:D
Wananiuliza mgeni anakam lini nawambia sina haraka. Wacha ni consult kijiji MGTOW batallion.

Wapatie link ya hii kijiji and they will never bother you with such stupid questions again.

Tell them the truth that you are ngey

:smiley: :smiley: Kabisa!


A similar question was directed at a man who was always being invited to his friends weddings yet he still remained single,he also asked if he should also ask these old people when they would die since they also attend funerals

MGTOW is gaining traction women will suffer no more simps to take care of them .Single moms will be facked and guys vanish

Look them in the eye and say 'Sioi! ’

Peasant in Chief

Misery loves company,No?

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii kuja hapa new recruits

@Slave 0wner you are a well known bottom homosexual hata wazazi waliona after ulitombwa mkundu class eight

Feeerkin. Mluhyaaaa


It does indeed. This is why during end of year company parties married guys go full retard like horny goats. They are so excited to meet girls huko by beach mpaka you want to avoid them since their voracious seduction strategies borders on being rapey and downright wierd.

Not that I’m a righteous man, but I always thought that since you are married, you ought to be getting regular sex from your wife. Such a shitty deal if you ask me.