villager schooled/learned fellas inc.

what do you understand/know about/of petroldollar and the implications of the statusquo vs winds of change.
Kwa wasiojua historia,tulieni tuelimishwe hapa.
asaande sana.

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Kwani for how long are we going to wait for this education?

till kingdom come

wacha tungoje hii free education

Hio elimu haifiki?

Sound of music. I watched it nikiwa mtoi and I remember I cried. I can’t recall why…

probably constipation:smiley:


and then saddam tries to sell in euros? that wasn’t gonna happen

Of course they weren’t gonna let it happen. Consider, too, that this came at a time when the two economies of US & UK weren’t doing very well and they couldn’t make enough to sell to the rest of Europe and therefore earn the Euros with which to pay for their fuel imports.