Villager nearly dies of sweetness while getting a lap dance in one of the dingy river-road strip clubs/

Here’s a K-talk villager enjoying his salary/.

Kupakwa meffi galore


Boy child is already in stupor.

Huyu anakaa @Panyaste after ameland from Berlin na kuconvert noti za Euro pale Sky forex bureau Mama ngina street
then akateremka downtown kusample paja soft kama nyama ya sungura.

I can’t engage such an ugly stripper. Watu Githu 44 bado Uncle Sam iko? In the days there was a single room stripper club. Hapo ndio stripper on stage ashawahi insert Guinness kwa maku. Ile mkojo ilitoka hapo!!!

Hawa ni wale ‘Alphamale’ wa Ktalk?

Lakini on a serious note, it looks like one of those thuglets that Hessy is always fumigating, akichoma pesa za ngeta. Poor taste is an art too.

wacha niendelee kucheza f1 pc game

Uyu ni urimu

I fear for the day that I will go to Liddos or Casablanca, I decide to get a lap dance and then some bugger decides to capture me on phone and post it online. I swear it’s really bad!

ha ha shit , those lap-dances are not really worth it… once you realize you can head to some massage place in Kilimani and get the real pussy for less
And by the way , don’t ever pay for pussy in those strip clubs, the lady is tired and sweaty from dancing, you will get shitty sex for so much.

kitu chafu


Hii unatoka ukinuka mavi

the nigger looks underage

That looks like a sweaty dingy joint in downtown, the last time I visited a stripper club along river road we were being ‘entertained’ by sweaty whores who pissed on top the table that had our drinks. :D:D:D:D

speaking from detailed experience I see. thx for taking one/multiple for the team.

Kulikuwa na strip club hapo nyuma ya utalii house 2008 hivi. What was the name? It was nice. Best lapdances banae

Kale kaclub kalikuwa hapo chini

That was Mwenda’s and wasnt a stripper club. Kuna ingine ilikuwa hapo as you head towards Monrovia street. Haingefikia CasaB