Hehehehe it is now my pleasure to announce to you that yours truly (read me) has now become a villager!! (This is where you scream…) I see you can’t follow simple instructions eh?

Anyways I would like to thank a few people whom without them I could not have made it this far. First is my role model on this platform the one and only @highschooler.Believe it or not this guy gives me so much motivation and I look up to him every time I am here. Why you ask? This is one dude who comments on every thread, as a matter of fact if create a thread and highschooler doesn’t comment kill yourself! The second person I would like to acknowledge is my parent for continuously and relentlessly replenishing me with data bundles anytime I ran out of them which went a long way in helping me achieve my new status.I also would like to thank God for the current cold weather which has made me skive classes hence have more time for KTALK. Finally to the villagers; my secret crush (I won’t mention any name) I see you boo, the shemales and the other hairy specimen, thank you for your laughs and insights. Lastly the mods. Btw since I am now a villager I think I now qualify to call @ol monk a monkey ama? Hehe IK take it easy monk.

I have made the following resolutions:

With my now bestowed status I promise to be regularly posting my escapades backed up by witnesses, live reporting, HD images, testimonies, foot and thumb prints, hearsay and any other type of evidence required by the villagers so as not to be nominated for the 2015 HOYA Awards.

From now on every time I log in to read the Hekayas that fellow villagers are churning out, I will first enter the Religion, Spiritualism and Philosophy category unlike in the past where Sex and Relationships was my first category.

To my fellow graduate @Mwa congratulations too.

Kind Regards,
Mzee Mzima.

@Deorro how and where do I append my signature on this letter?


Hii kelele yote juu ya kua villager…je ukikua elder…si utajaza server.

congrats sir,@Wakanyama give this good man a blow job:)


Bado sijakuapprove… Naweza kuweka uke new villager any time so chill application igo through



Elders tuseme nini?

Are you saved? there is a way you respond to critics that is very cool yet stern but no insults guess that’s why the ladies love you ama what is the explanation?

These are the students who sneak phone to schools that’s why all the excitement and hullabaloo

Dude you’re a fellow villager yet you’re talking smack wtf is wrong with you?

I am almost 99%sure this is the one and only @DI TICHA

You tried it but no I don’t have multiple handles for what?

@ol monk they always make the move but you are always playing hard to get or maybe you just don’t see it

He is a darling to klist…sorry ktalk pink handles…something abt him that is soo loveable…whoever hates this dude has issues…

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Just like vile @Female Perspective alisema, wengine wana play hard to get

congrats my fellow graduate.
lakini wewe si mzee mzima if u r getting bundles from your parents.

Ndio nashindwa…mzee mzima anategemea wazazi.

Heard somewhere anaitwa mzee mjinga.

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:D:D:D ama will call him mtoto mzima