Vile season imeisha. How much have u gamblers made since start of season - losses

Mimi niliekelea 10k on Juventus advance vs ajax one night ikaenda kuendaga.

Betting never diasapoints.

Next time I’ll just light my money on fire

you are an amateur in betting. Enda pale 2+ odds uone vile watu wanakamua muhindi na 100 bob na 50 bob

2+ odd ni wapi. Saidia disgraced Kenyan hapo ndio naeza toa rent next month.


Niliwasho miachane na 3 way betting , Over 2.5s ,GG, corners,bookings way to go.

some group telegram na whatsapp. Acha nione kama nitaget link nieke hapa

Yes I am.

Only bet of the season imeungua

sunday multibet zangu zilikunywa maji epl

Share that link.

kende mosi pia wewe unakamuliwa viserious hahaha

I usually bet tennis …na huwa nakula saana…but betting is for degenerates…good thing i can control…na nkkitumia ile app ya safaricom mpesa mlegder nacheki" in vs out "to betting sites ziko balanced…this technically means nikikula its only my lost money narudisha…very rare “in” iwe more than “out”

Bottom line betting sucks…breeds laziness and its the quickest way to be peasant

Приглашение в группу WhatsApp

Link revoked brathe.

nime edit the link, had put the wrong one. Try tena

Denial, my frien is the first stage of addiction.

Kuna channel flani pale telegram inajiita ati good source inauza fixed matches, if indeed the person behind that channel is a scammer, then they must put a great deal into convincing people they are genuine, everything looks very legit. Am not talking about fake screenshots, this one logs in her sportpesa account at the particular time you ask “her”, shows you a video and all the bets placed. Its just that am always doubting Thomas


Nimesoma comment ya Omwami nkapasuka. The cult is like a dark force.

Off courses losses have been there but Eureka moments were also existent.

You always post your tennis bets with a lot of confidence saying “Easy free moneyyy” “leo mhindi atalia” etc . I thought you were one of the few gamblers making a profit. Insiders of the betting industry say that less than 0.01% of bettors turn a profit in the long run. I am yet to meet a person in this 0.01% who are able to beat the system.

Bro angalia bottomline nimeweka…a gambler never shows his losses…nikiweka nimekula free money:D behind the scenes mhindi anakula…quit betting …my parting shot