Vikombe Chronicles: Maryanne Mumbi and Calvin Okoth charged with the murder of Mike Okombe

From Akombe to Okombe. We brought the steamy action in New Jersey featuring Onyonka and Akombe, grapevine is it was a baby making session. Now in Nax Vegas a tale of two dim eyes falling under the gaze of a shiny eye that is definitely not nakuru’s finest. Keep it locked. Vikombe tutavunja.

I don’t see anything funny especially when someone was maliciously murdered… you’re trying too hard

How comes kuna mwanaume amewekwa kwa mix, I thought only one person did the stabbing

There are things known as triangles and quadrangles.

There is more than meets the eye. Let’s wait and see.

Tell that to @coldpilsner, it aint funny to me either, its the story behind the news

The puns :D:D

Because there aint any.

doesn’t like that one bit…goes against the popular narrative…

He he, secede and lose status symbol yellow yellows.
Who’s stupid now?

@Koolibah naona hujawacha umama

alikuwa amekuahidi ataacha?

yes sir , pale malakisi aliniahidi .

Nitawacha ukiwacha ukuma

Some people were too fast to rush to their tribal hate profiling and declare the girl and her community guilt. If possible sentencing could have be passed immediately. Looking at the other co accused the tribal tag is not mentioned.

What is the full story?

Akombe ran away, Okombe was murdered, Okombo (the great prof) died, Gakuru (mzee.Kombe) died and Nyakwar Okombo talked chieth on facebook. It has been a cupful these last three months

Tupatie full story wewe.


Makûmbî Pilot lakini anawakilisha vilivyo huko Gîkûyû tv