Vijana wetu Gor wanona kivumbi


It’s live on SS9 on DSTV or SS1 on gotv

fatigue should be the reasons of course, even after politics. It still doesn’t make sense why their flight was booked so late and tightly that they didn’t have a day or two rest before the game.

Despite the scoreline, hii mandume wamejaribu

how does this thing work.

I understand the host club caters for the visiting side from hotel to mode of transportation to and fro

How do they clip our boys wings hivo maze? Afadhali tulipata bao ya kufutia machozi but this is unacceptable from the gor administration. WASHENZI!

Current score 5:1

Maze imeanza kuwa training session @Yunomi

Noma sana. Management clearly failed these talented team. Let’s hope this will be solved

Never, no will power