Vihiga Chief is not Joking


Waafrika wanafikiriaga ni kama wako na kinyesi kwa kichwa. A good example is @Sokwe mtu

Wewe ndio una ushenzi kwa kichwa. Who gave you this absurd mentality to demonize your fellow Africans.

Your grandmother right after achunishad her kales

…huyo chief ana promote single motherhood.

Hio sio kazi ya chief…

Mgtow= Freedom…injili ya red pill imetembea kutembea.

The message must have been put out of context, he must have been talking about increase in crime or alcoholism.

Yeah if guys married then they would be more responsible kidogo.

I was surprised that even my female friends are now aware of the red pill. They are starting to get scared that men are now enlightened of the female nature. It is starting to get bad for them.

The chief is stepping out of his legal jurisdiction as the constitutional does not ratify his outlandish order. Hii ni changaa na bangi mingi…laws are made in parliament

If one is not responsible when he has all of himself to take care of… What about when he has five kids and a woman to feed? The best he can do is endulge in alcoholism to forget the many responsibilities awaiting him at home… Or even turn to crime to fulfill some duties… Marriage is for those who are ready…and being an adult does not mean you should get married. Marriage pia iko na qualifications…

MGTOW disapproves of this

Yea he was attending the funeral of a 37 year old hardened criminal. His brother is 45 and also single.

Progress gani? Kutombana na kujaza vijiji? Wakikosa kazi wakimbilie jiji kuu kutafuta kazi ya watchie na kufua nguo