VIDEO: u will feel sorry for these kenyans (Tusky Employees)

I can feel their pain, this once happened to me and some colleagues while working for a famous parastatal in Kenya sm years back…mnafutwa kazi and then replaced by new guys just bcoz u asked for better working conditions and pay

Tuskys supermarket has suspended 16 permanent staff from its Embakasi outlet in Nairobi who have been working at the bakery section and in the dairy accusing them of internal theft as the affected denies the allegation. The workers said on Wednesday that the suspension was abrupt less than a week after a new group of employees were inducted into the said branch as trainee and eventually took over their jobs. They said the new staff are outsourced from a firm called Artemis. The claim that Tuskys supermarket want to acquire cheap labour and they are just looking for a scape goat to sack the permanent employees and outsource from local service providers.

See the video and see the sadness in their faces…hapo nimeona like 10 head of families …sasa atashow wife na watoi nini?

One of the most useless ministries in kenya is the labour ministry. Infact even the government does not take it seriously thats why you see them give it to a joker like kambi


my friend that ministry has been the same since time in memorial. All regimes have been the same bt afadhali the Kibaki one when he was serving his 1st term as prezzo bt hizi zingine zimekua hopeless…ya Moi regime was the worst EVER. During his time many pple walikula retrenchment and up to date hawajawai jiunia … Some are dead, many are alcoholics & many of them ali give up and went back ocha…wale walibaki nairobi niku survive by the day…Kuna budah ya Boy wangu alikuwa anafanya Telkom. Alikuwa mtu senior but mlevi bt si hizi ulevi mbaya mbaya…alikua ma beer bt DDO daily drinking officer…jamaa was slapped with a retrenchment…ilimpata kiholahola…yaani surprise…ile benefits alipewa he started drinking vibaya…sazile pesa ilikwisha jamaa aka start makali…kidogo akawa msee wa cham…jamaa alidedi 2yrs ago

True dat. I know like three such cases

the state of an economy and its future progression can be framed out by looking at the prioritization of its departments. by economy here I mean the growth and also spread of the wealth. a govt that doesn’t prioritize labor, commerce and industry will be an oligarchy exactly what Kenya is. the president prioritizes ministrh of finance and security, his security.