Video showing the infamous land bought with the 30 pieces of silver from Judas after betraying Jesus

In the book of Matthew, Judas was filled with remorse and returned the money to the chief priests before hanging himself. The chief priests decided that they could not put it into the temple treasury as it was considered blood money and so with it they bought the Potters field… This is to bring people closer to the realization that the bible ni ukweli

What is the similarity between POTUS and Potters?. Just asking

hakuna similarity hapo. POTUS in full means president of the united states, and according to this, Potter’s means a public burial place for paupers, unknown persons, and criminals.

I get it but why the similarity in pronounciation? Being curious about it

Similar pronunciation.
Both start with P
Both end with S
Both are proper nouns.

We don’t care about your Hebrew god fool

@inzhener otmetka , huko kwa shetani Judas iscariot akipiga laps akutane na Cain ule bro wa Abel wanaambiananga nini?

I can buy that piece of land at 1m, plant potatoes to utilise he fertility brewed from Iscariot guts ,sell them to hotels to make chips for you greedy selfish Christians so that you will become part of the same Judas You mock each day

And stop contaminating sex and nudes section with ur believes hapa hatutaki makasirikio ghassia peleka kwa religion and sermon section

I think kulitolewa a blanket of amnesty for watu wote walidedi before Jesus. So wako heaven.

Judas alikuwa treasurer, the minister of finance ,the CFO.It is the other 12 that betrayed Judas. It’s interesting Jesus could copy paste fish and kdf but not money…

How is this thread relevant to sex and relationships

Pronunciation is different, the R makes the difference.