Victoria falls dries

Kumbe kunakaukanga.

Nilidhani umepost about puthi ya makena

how will the world adapt to climate change


I am interested to see how the downstream looks like

4 tonnes walrus climbing a cliffs coz all ice has melted they have nowhere to go.


“Scientists” and tree huggers will lie ati its because Trump continues to frack in Texas and yet they don’t even know how God produces water from dry rocks in the first place.

Ama hamjui hivyo? Mungu hutoa maji from dry rocks. Na inatoka kidogo from the source but huko kati kati ni mingi viajabu.

All sources of water start from a dry rock mountain. Mt Kenya. Mt Kilimanjaro.

They’ll tell you it’s because it rains on the mountain sijui windward side and yet it rains everywhere else as well.

All springs start from a dry rock.

The scientists will then say that there is an aquifer beneath the mountain but there are aquifers everywhere even in the desert.

Why does water choose to gush out of a rock?


And God designed it such that the water flows from the high areas down to the people in the lowlands.

And you can’t live on the mountain so you don’t pollute his springs. Cc @Purple

1000 years after man`s death, nature will rectify our mistakes. Kule Chernobyl, nature has reclaimed.

From ze air ndio kinaeleweka. But the falls do dry up every year

Climate change is real wadau
Kiribati will disappear forever. @Thiem panda Miti saidi

Wapiganao ndio hupatana,imebidi umetii na kutuma salamu

It happens annually during the dry season.

fuckin sad

the worst is still yet to come