Victor Muga (20), Dies for Baba (72).
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Police officers Friday shot and killed a man who was part of a gang that stormed the home of former Karachuonyo MP James Rege in Kanjira, Homa Bay County.

Homa Bay Police Commander Marius Tum said two others are nursing gunshot wounds.

Mr Victor Muga, 20, was shot dead while Cleavance Odhiambo and Samuel Jeremiah were injured when, together with other youth, attempted to raze down Mr Rege’s home in Pala village on claims that he was hiding ballot papers that were marked in favour of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Rege, who did not defend his seat, was the lead campaigner of Mr Kenyatta in Nyanza in the August elections.

Mr Tum said the injured were taken to hospital for treatment.

“Our officers responded quickly and shot in the air to disperse youths who attacked the home of Mr Rege,” he said.

Mr Rege accused local politicians of being behind the attack.

“I have told police that the attack was organised by senior politicians in the county,” he said.

wajinga ndo ‘waliuwao’

Politics za NRM ni local kabisaa kuliko za the other parts of the country

ngoja usikie walikuwa peaceful demonstrators na huyo 20year old alikuwa KCPE candidate hii mwaka alikuwa ametoka kufanya revishen ya mtihani

Nattydread, the sycophant

huyo alikuwa ameenda kununua soda akunywe juu ya kiu, alafu suddenly, ghafla bin vuu, Uhuru akaambia polisi wampige risasi kwasababu ni luo

you do realise that article was done by a nation reporter, right? and he has added no extra words to it, yes?

@milvoski, now in the dark debe. :wink:

I do. Does that extrude the sycophantic nature from well within him?

That’s the question /mystery that always keeps cropping up. How come all these minors keep getting shot?
Someone calculated that such reports are the ones that cause the most outrage.

The dark debe…
Naogopa debe langu liko karibu kujaa,!

At least baba will attend your funerals

He was killed by Uhuru. That’s what I can deduce from the story.Why was Uhuru trying to rig?


ukiangalia age ya those being used to commit violence, kama huyo amekufa hapo juu 10 years ago he was 10 years old so hakuona kitu which explains their actions

Then waanze hizi hash tags cause the “innocent” guy was just going to do extra revision at a friends place.

Likijaa tutaomba Wamafeelings magunia yamepakwa lami. :wink:

this thing is done and dusted. search within yourself whether you wanna get down to work, or keep yelling about stolen votes like you were there zikiibiwa. hell, you can go the extra mile and die for the ‘cause’

Mara elfu nimesemea na nitarudia, the best you can do for your tin god is vote them in. Hiyo kuenda kwa barabara sijui kuharibu mbiashara ya wenyewe will only get you killed.