Very-old liquor

Just an enquiry.

Anyone who has had a 50-200 year old liquor? I haven’t and would like to order one for a special occasion (If affordable). Preferably a very-old whisky or port (fortified wine) but whisky is preferable. Looked around na sipati. Kama unajua mahali niambie.

something like this

Or this

Niko na kaNusu ya kibao ya last yr…
31st Dec


Labda JW blue label being rare I think it has been aged for a long period of time niliona jamaa supermarket naivasha going for 27k

Kama na Njoroge wanaunda pale Kariobangi. Just give specifics how many years you want it aged and preferred packaging… Ask Makanika mureffi. Aliuziwa Martelle akaona aweke engine ya v8 kwa gari ya wire.

cheetal cheeval bloom. itafute archives. you know the way

John Walker King George V pale Chandarana muthaiga 65k au Johnnie Walker Odyssey 75k. Don’t know how aged they are…

I will visit, this is quite accessible from where I stay. I will check the age but price is on the higher end.

Hii nitakuwa nanusa nalewa?

Check it out, you might find pocket friendly ones, mostly 12-18 years, kina glenfiddich. But i can see your preference is 50 and above, meaning you really have to dig deeper into your pockets…

Niko na cogniac kwa nyumba…imekaa sana

Hizo hapana…we’ll be doing a tasting competition during the event so hizo zitakuwa problem is getting vintage ones. My Idea is to see ka kunazo za 30-50k kwa hiyo stock yao.

hii knowledge ungeeka kwa vitabu si ungekua plo


Picha ama tuseme io ni fotoshop story

Hapo umeona ‘knowledge’? Unaaibisha avatar ya @Wakanyama Itoe haraka upesi…

Na nyumbani hujajenga…

On the risk of coming out dumb… How the ferk do you verify the age of alcohol?


I understand most provide specific detail on how to verify age and how to spot fakes. Only a few bottles are produced from a particular barrel and all of them are tracked to distributors. You can email or call the distillery who are more than happy to assist.