Coming only an inch away from serious death or injury, it’s a good thing that someone filmed these lucky people or we would have never believed it. If you believe in angels then they walk amongst men…and women too.


noma sana

I don’t add up

hahah hizi magif hunimaliza

I’ve watched some of them like 10 times.

enyewe hawa watu wanaponea

No. 6 uyo ni Uwesmake anavuka roadi then TIG comes driving the bus…aliponea bt nxt time ntakapata


that stupid blonde at the end darwin award nominee

cant see any photo…

am I missing something
@admin Gif not supported on mobile version

Hehehehe…Ooook!!..Life is just a mystery. Always good to say a prayer when u wake up and retire to bed…

What Browser are u using? Jaribu UC browser utaona gif

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one for the road …

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Girl with umbrella… I had to watch the youtube video to believe… Those guys failed to warn her… Plain reckless! How do you cut a tree while people pass by/

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