Very interesting case in Columbia: What do you think happened?

A small aeroplane crashed on May 1. Authorities finally managed to locate the crash site in a heavily wooded area on May 18. They found 3 adult bodies in the wreckage What is missing are the bodies of 4 kids aged: 13, 9, 4 and 11-months old. Authorities have combed the area but havent found them. But what they found are trail of small objects such as hair scrunchies, plastic wrappings and baby bottles in their search for the missing group, indicating possible survivors. And natives around the area have supposedly seen the missing kids moving around.



The adults died and the kids survived. Nothing too hard to understand unless you want to feed questionable-I.Q. conspiracies.

Nlisoma hii story pia, wtf actually happened?

Kids still in the Amazon jungle? For three weeks? Even their President is not sure.

Not the first time. There has been similar cases before. Hata hapa Kenya, a kid survived for one week in Tsavo before being rescued.

Leo umejibu kama mtu ako na akili timamu. Kudos

Mtu wa 13 years ni mtoto only legally. In reality, si mtoto. Can even reproduce , cook, hunt and steal

Why wouldn’t these bonobos show the S&R team where these shudren are?

Columbia and Colombia are two different regions. Unaongelea gani?

I thought space shuttle Columbia crashed a long time ago?

People die due to lack of knowledge …

How far from the wreckage could the little children have gone …??

Begin working a grid pattern from the last known position and utilize simple , affordable technology like Mini Drones to hover over difficult terrain …


Why would bonobos see kids moving alone in the jungle and just ignore them or let them to continue wandering around?