Vernacular stations

If you want to know where nationhood goes to die, listen to vernacular radio stations (and increasingly TV).
I listened to Kameme FM between Jan and June this year and I could not take it anymore.
The hate and entitlement spewed at will on those platforms is on another level. I also imagine that is the same hate spewed on other stations but I do not have access to those stations.
Sadly, the one dominant message I always hear is ‘Tutingīathūo ni kabira’ (we can never be ruled by other tribes). Not that it has not happened in the past, not that there is a divine right to rule over others or least to never be ruled by others.
It usually starts with “andū aya maraigua ruthiomi rūrū” and spirals down from there. What do other vernacular radios indoctrinate their communities with because clearly this is not just a Gikuyu affair?


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Wacha uongo,kama ni mambo na kcr ziliisha

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Tribalism. A weapon used to great effect by wakoloni. They created it. It’s like giving a rival a slow acting poison. They had collaborators, our own people, to help them entrench it. Many of the things in our society are their fake and creations.


me thinks these stations should be banned


So true every time i visit my folks it’s all the listen too, this stations have painted raila into this cloven fire spiting demon who when in power will throw us all in concentration camps, this people live in an echo chamber of Raila is bad and we are the chosen , muthamaki is chosen by god, we should never give up the seat etc… BS .
Everytime I remind them of the sins of Kamwana and the wrong direction his father set this country in I i’m termed naive and a sell out , they forget my grand dad’s farm was taken by the whiteman and when they went it was the Kikuyu elites who got it ,that always slips their minds they are also so ready to give Ruto the seat in 2022 forgetting the ghosts of Kiambaa.
Sadly I know this is the same in other vernacular radio stations everybody in their own echo chamber of hate


infact ruto has been sold at stake in mediamax to launch a sister station emoo fm to wooo his followers

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do you for comparison also listen to Radio Nam Lolwe, Od Wadu, Od Weche Manyien?

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He also said this;


Hehe…kameme fm belongs to uthamaki family company and so they head the anti-raila campaign and other short hate stories. 2007 ndio radios zlikuwa znawasha moto. I used to litsen to kass fm international which discussed Kalenjin issues in English. The speakers were kalenjin elites huko from diaspora, esp US. You’d actually tell these people were prepared for war. Very filthy loud mouth baboons. If they didn’t close Kass, they have no business closing down any radio station in Kenya.


The people back in the village know a thing or two, they can predict what Raila presidency will look like. Why are they cool with Mudavadi ?

na si watu huumwa na kikuyu stations. endeleeni na yakizidi kunyweni marathion


If there’s one thing I hate its Kikuyus pretending, for PCness, to be more Kenyan than ugali.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are Kenyan. I just contributed for a 17-year Luhya boy who was clubbed to death in Kibra for saying that Uhuru will win again.

So much for being Kenyan…


Kenya’s independence was conditional. Our current poor state is created. If you’ve ever heard someone say “mliuzwa na wazee wenyu” they are on point.


I just contributed for a 17-year Luhya boy who was clubbed to death in Kibra for saying that Uhuru will win again.

Say what now:(!!! link please??

Kuna thread hapa with the same theme from earlier this year which generated very heated exchanges. My opinion now, as it was then, is that they should be closed down forever. I had the misfortune of listening to the likes of Inooro, Kameme, etc a decade ago and was not amused.

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Do you think majority of listeners share your opinion and they have the Same level of education you have? Sometimes it’s better to use brains than brawns

My mum & grandmother both listen to kameme and there is no telling them otherwise.Nimejaribu kuwaongelesha nikachoka.My grandmother @ 86yrs of age is a firm believer that no other tribe should rule “us”