veras bleaching goes wrong

After bragging
of her expensive
skin bleaching,
Vera Sidika
might be on the
receiving end of
a bleaching
gone bad
setbacks. Vera
bragged how
she spent a
whooping Ksh
50Million on a
specialist from London to work on
her skin and further told haters to
hit the wall.
Now look at the photos below… it
seems like something has gone
wrong with her skin lately. Vera has
been missing in action lately and
maybe she’s trying to fix things
before she reappears again. I know
Vera’s Haters and her fellow
socialites must be
rejoicing…Anywayt this is a lesson
for those who dont like their skin
colour. God gave you a suitable
colour for your beauty, be proud of
that and stop wasting your money
please donate those extra millions to
charitable cause.[ATTACH]85[/ATTACH]

heavens haha whats not happening

whos lafin now haha