Vera sidika

Is it just me ama Sidika ni mweusi?

Kwani wewe ni fan?

No I’m not ,but she looks better dark skinned

Umemuona wapi…

I hope her butt crack is dark too… Ama akae kama njahe (black beans)

Amesema she is 24 years old. Lmfaoooo

The wall is the ultimate equalizer. You can lord over men all u want but when father time comes for u, hakuna kujificha. Akikohoa unaitika!


Karibu niseme, gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nikaona si homo- @MBOMB ameandika

She actually does the girl is quite likeable to.

Alizaliwa 1985

Poor girl has a mental disorder. And then she pulls a stunt on tv ati proposal by a random dude. Apokoste alizunguka akitafuta bibi just to promote his shitty music sasa this chameleon thinks she can pull a similar stunt.

I would smash that huddah though nyama kwa nyama ata kama ako na mdudu.

Umesahau ringtone yako. Ni ravages of mother nature and vestiges of father time. :D:D Niko sure uliitumia kwa composition kama zote before joining Mang’u.

You nasty:confused::stuck_out_tongue:

Rumour has it that she is either in her late thirties or early forties.

Source: Facebook people that schooled with her.

She has been 24 for the last nine years. :D:D:D:D:D


Uko nyuma kama makende ya nguruwe

You got no idea :wink:

Vera Sidika is a classic sociopath. Part of a sociopath’s character is that they’re very charming when talking but behind the scenes, they would make you lose your mind.

She definitely got some serious mental issues.