venye tutafanya liverpool leo


Liverpool will be beaten today. I listened to Nani pre-analysis on CNN and I know things will be tough for liVARpool

A part of me wants them to beat Arsenal streak but a large part of me ofcourse doesn’t want us to lose

The thrashing is inevitable

Mimi kama Kop, sina mengi. I only know that we will pocket 3 points, as simple as that.

VAR itafanya mambo…

Which players are there in Man Utd to seriously challenge Liverpool?
Some years back Man Utd would confidently stroll to the Kop and come out with all three points but not the current United.
A squad that lost to an Arsenal team that hasn’t managed to beat any other team in 8 games.
You can hope all you want but you will come out of there empty handed.

why didn’t they beat us last time?


Liverpool has VAR
Manchester United has a retired ref. Nakumbuka vile huyu mjamaa alidaidia Manchester United kushinda most games Kwanza against top 4 teams Kama Liverpool.

Anaitwa Howard webb

Liverpool 3 point period, it’s inevitable to lose at anfield

What you nigas discussing. Any self respecting fan knows Liverpool is running away with this one hands down…

Why didn’t t you beat Arsenal?

Leo tuna wanyarira.

Hivi ndio tutafanya united [ATTACH=full]281625[/ATTACH]

I hope so LiVarpool wamekuwa too much

Ulitoa wapi hii clip ???

Google “pick up the soap gif”

Last time we beat united 3 - 1 at Anfield. Unasema nini wewe?