as you know sparta loves animations and comedy shows

my first ventriloquists
show, was the famous JEFF Dunham, famous character Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist

uyu jamaa thought he was the best in the industry until l saw Terry Fator

Terry Factor pale anashindia jeff, the nigga can sing and sing very well, uyu jamaa makes 100m$ in vegas

sasa thought terry ndio master, then this year America got talent kadame kaa 12 yrs old [SIZE=4]Darci Lynne
from the first audition she killed it, thou mentor wake ni terry she did very well and won the prize money 1M$

This art kenya and africa sijaiona sana…am sure churchill inaweza kuwa tamu na such performance

Darci Lynne

Terry Fator

jeff duham

Jeff very talented there is a time he did 5 character on stage and the guy has two hands


The girl is good!

she deserved the million dollar, saa hii amekuwa star USA she is doing shows in VEGAS

ubaya soon ata anza cocaine iyo pesa ni mingi sana

that girl is the bomb, also looove cartoons and animations esp 3D. Favorite animation to date is Ratatouille…hii nimeona ka mara fefte

mimi brickleberry
rick and morty
family guy
cyanide and happiness

I loved it!

Add Futurama to this list and, you’ll have my list.

oh, add Samurai Jack na Pink panther kwa hiyo list

Jeff Dunham namtambua and love his work. Will check out that Fator guy.

ukicheki uletee reviews guy just so talented and funny

AKU iyo character ni noma :smiley:

nitasakaa hii :wink:

talented guy

l want a dog like that:)