Vehicle security recommendations

Kindly recommend which alarm and car tracker i should go for. The market is flooded with various brands. Which one works fine and reliable? Which one do you use and served you well? My budget is between 12k-15k. Ntashukuru sana maoni yenu.

Comprehensive insurance

Si utoe steering wheel Kama Mr bean

Fully agree. Na usisahau excess protector. Hizo zingine sijui alarm tracker ni takataka.
Last month the insurance company paid for two stolen side mirrors. Easy peasy.


autowatch. you really have no options here

Hii ni option one bana…already got that but not nadai plan B,C ata D ikiezekana

Haha,wezi wa nairobi can even steal ikiwa bila steering

A friend also suggested that. Quick clarification, auto watch comes with full package of alarm,cut offs and tracker? Or it’s just alarm and cut offs…and is it the one i see in high end toyota?

Pia angoe Ile rungu ya gear for added protection

Tracker’s hardly comes with alarms. Its usually a different package. I hear it can also get your car stolen by evil elements in the company that does installation and/or tracking for you. The stock alarm that you see in high end toyota, high end honda, and majority of mazdas is a factory alarm and immobilizer built into the system. They usually like using the car horn instead of a separate siren horn.
autowatch has tiny key fobs and usually sounds like the OEM key when you close/open the car. Good thing with autowatch is that the wiring is slightly different so many thieves are not familiar with it and it is also a lasting solution.

Nice! Was enquiring for this type then i was told by one tracking company that they deal with many but they recommend one called fortune because its comes with a feature called silent arm option which autowatch doesn’t have. Do you understand what these means and if it relevant that much ama they just trying to convince me to take what they have.

it just means that it doesn’t make any sound when closing or arming the alarm, which happens after some seconds. Its important that the car makes a suppressed sound(like some factory key does) to notify you that you have closed or opened the car. Loud whistling noises are what you don’t want.

Thanks soo much.

One thing to remember, these alarms comes with 5 memory slots for remote. Only two are programmed leaving 3 available memory slots. So the fraudster waits for you in a parking lot and waits for you to press the remote. They read the code and program a third remote. With that they access your car hustle free…so during installation, ensure the installer configures all memory slots for your remote meaning extra remote cannot be configured.