vehicle insurance

Is vehicle insurance a scam? I think it is.

Picture this you buy a car, you get a reputable insurance company, buy a comprehensive insurance cover, pay premiums on time but once you are involved in an accident the same company you have been paying premiums faithfully will use all means possible to screw you over and not pay you completely.

Its a shit world if you ask me.

Ndio umejua leo ama?

Reputable insurance companies don’t do that

AIG insurance iko sawa ,mdau

They will try to weasel out of the claims but the police abstract is a good get.

Insurance companies are crap but they can save you from huge bills even with all their bad intention. it just depends on your position.

Usiendeshe gari ovyo juu uko na insurance, utatii.

why take comprehensive insurance? insurance wafaa uchukue ile unaforciwa na sheria kuchukua,