Vaseline petroleum jelly

The Holly jelly has found a new use in bank ATM robberies. This is bad news to our Kawasaki brothers. The cost of this valuable commodity will steeply rise in the near future and may also affect the price of Arimis. Kawasakians are hereby advised to learn to put their mouths into useful use in convincing kungurus


There’s automotive grease that is a relative of vaseline that one can use a la Arimis

How are they abusing the wankers’ bae?

Nilisoma kwa hii Kijiji,unaweza tumia pineapple juice kama Vaseline,kwa hivyo bado tukosawa

AMG Army sisi tuko ngangari kabisaa!


Pineapples expat @kush yule mnono alisema inachoma mboro