Vasectomy family planning

I am planning to get this family planning method but I don’t have much information. I would like to get ideas on how to do it …

There’s a high-tension rubber used for dehorning cattles and goats. nunua ueke kwa makende that thought of vasectomy itaisha there and then

What’s pushing you towards vasectomy?

It’s irreversible. Ukikatwa mirija ya uzazi ni hivyo. Ukibadili Nia utake mtoto, labda usaidiwe na dume mwengine.

Can one still ejaculate after a vasectomy? Asking for the wankers

Being woke

You can ,that’s a common misconception. You won’t be shooting blanks. You’ll release semen ,there just won’t be sperm in it.

It actually is reversible but the longer you wait ,the less likely it is for the reversal to work. You probably have a 20 year window to reverse the procedure. Beyond 20 years ,pray and hope there’s some new technology that’ll allow you to have kids if you changed your mind.

MGTOW=FREEDOM…Castrated "males aren’t allowed in heaven says the lord our God @Padre na @Electronics4u ,leteni hio verse tafadhali



After you get your 3 kids…2 boys and a girl I think it’s not a sin to cut the pipe…

:D:D cheza chini…

This is something i would do.
Go for it

During counseling, consultation etc… you might have the uncomfortable “what if” discussion so that you fully understand what your getting into… imagine a situation whereby you lose some or all your kids in an accident koso koso, and you are back to square 1…

chukua panga ukate mboro na makende. done

Vasectomy is kind of extreme. It is like that fella who got so bored in jail that he tatooed his left eye blue and right eye red in the fourth year of a 20 year jail term. This probably saved him from having his kinyambis sorted out by jail alpha males. But little did he think of how people would react when he got out of jail. [SIZE=1] (True story)[/SIZE]

A guy, you might suffer some serious anxiety induced ED. Before you do a vasectomy, ask your kunguru if she will have her uterine tubes ligated same day you switch your pipo off

i don’t encourage vasectomy. anything can happen in future, including and god forbid, losing family to the cruel hand of death.

Why rely on your partner when it comes to family planning?

It doesn’t mean that the body quits producing sperm,it can be extracted.

I doubt. The circuit becomes incomplete.
The best he can achieve is to ejaculate air.