On the night of August 12 - 2006 0200hrs , Kiambu police station received a call from Thindigwa estate that there were six shots fired and two men wearing Manchester united jerseys were seen running away from the scene.When the police arrived they found a white man shot on the forehead in a 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby. The shifter was at reverse meaning the white man was reversing his vehicle.Nothing was stolen, his wallet was there and his Motorola w375 was also in his pocket. On the path the witness said two men followed there was a bag of Mogoka and a broken bottle of Konyagi…

Dont drug Manchester to this utter pure non ethical nonsense… Unaskia mayai ya admin?

Machungu Ni ya Nini Na next season mko UCL?

a sweet story go on

maliza hekaya blal chieth!

If i transfer my 50kcr to you will you delete this?

NV alert can put the blame on Konyagi, mogoja never wronged anyone.

Konyagi is to be drunk in love with mogoka, as cocky as it sounds

Leave manchester out of half hekayas n mogoka is not associated with crime