Vanities of life as exemplified by Kibaki’s 500million mweiga home.

It defeats logic as to why you would allow a 500 million structure to be elected knowing very that you’ll never ever sleep there. What was the purpose of this home? I am even told he rarely visits his othaya home? What is it for then?

Ama ni watu huwe wakisema : ‘ooh my God, just look at kibaki’s home’ I am also sure that none of his kids will ever relocate to Mweiga. You know, it’s quite ‘blasphemous’ for sons and daughters of gods to share the same air with Mweiga’s hoi polloi.

I am told this Kibaki guy is as mean as a hungry hyena with a bone. Sure, it’s his money but why keep silent when you see 500 million being wasted on a white elephant? I am no God but common sense tells me that when you are above 80 years, you don’t exactly have decades ahead of you. So why a new, extravagant and meaningless home?

I may be very wrong but I suspect these homes are guarded by our security agents which means our taxes are just used to ‘guard’ rocks and empty beds.

From a wider perspective, why do we always strive to own things that have no value in our lives?

Why would I want to own a home in kathmandu, knowing very well I will never live there?

Why would a woman want to own 600 pairs of shoes and she knows too well she will only wear about 50 of them?

Consumerism is good for capitalism but terrible to individuals.


weka mbisha sasa

Consumerism is a new drug whose potency is ever skyrocketing. What with the need to make heads turn, look sophisticated, gain ‘respect’ attract attention that you can do without! It’s the desire to amass all wealth and prestige possible, yet it’s all void and vain.



Servants are the ones who enjoy staying in that house because the master spends less than two weeks in a year there.

enyewe hapo Baks alianguka hesabu

He knew one day his children will turn it into a hotel


Its “erected” boss achana na mutura za njugu…thats the side effect…:rolleyes::rolleyes:

That aside, i once came across a video of how Obako’s elder sister lives and my heart sunk …team KEBS kama kawa ndio hio video


waa this is pathetic yani

hizi ni gani tena :D:D:D

Yeah. Even karucy’s brother lived in abject poverty. But at times, huwezi saidia kila mtu kwenu.

That house is a palace, complete with an airstrip and a police station. And he has NEVER slept there, not even a single night.

On the positive side, the land around the region has appreciated greatly. An acre used to cost 200K, now it is 700K. A 4/5-star hotel is coming up in the neighborhood.

So, all is not lost.

kama ni mimi nafungua children’s home kwa hio nyumba

watu hapa wana diss consumerism na ume nunua s6 edge juzi!


Boss if i

She bathed him and prepared his bananas…comprehend that.

I agree boss…but huyu sio step sister or a distant relative.

Where is Kathmandu??

I guess its somewhere past mukurweini on your way to nyeri
ION, obako is trying to pull what most brothers from the lakeside have perfected in doing. Kuenda uchago hata kama wewe ni mzee aje is like a sin

I am not a Kibaki apologist but I think it has been in the public domain that Mrs Kibaki has been ailing for some time. Wouldn’t it have been foolish of the mzee to relocate so far from where the spouse is receiving treatment? mafikirio tu…

At the lakeside mwanaume watoto wakianza kuwa wakubwa you are expected to buy a parcel of land na ujenge boma lako huko. As long as uko na boma lako no one cares kama unakaa Nairobi miaka. Hatutaki aibu wakati tunakuzika na uliharibu mbesha yote huna kaboma

Thanks prefect wa kijiji, @Deorro kuja ujibu hio swali