Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr

Vanessa Trump, the wife of Donald Trump Jr, filed for divorce on Thursday, according to reports.

Vanessa Trump filed for an uncontested proceeding, “meaning she’s not expecting a legal battle over custody of the couple’s five children or their assets”, the New York Post reported. [ATTACH=full]162686[/ATTACH]


kunguru kunguru everywhere

Let’s see how it will play out

Tutafanya aje sasa ama tuhame mars?

Wait you’re “the one with the retarded dad!” Vannessa blurted

Maneno ya Americans ni ngumu sana. Waiting to see how this high profile divorce goes.

Pengine Donald Trump senior huitisha slices and she can’t take it anymore.

Mtu aite babangu ama mamangu retard, siwes oa yeye.

Trump ni mzito

baba yako akiwa na tabia kama za @Randy ataitwa tu hivo

she won’t rip a lot from him lest we forget trump Sr is experienced in divorce matters

Match making ain’t love:p

Donald Drumpf’s WH has been full of people leaving. Ivanka may be hanging in there under duress. Drumpf is a lunatic. Makes Sonko and Baba Yao look like the definition of class!