Valley Road Accident- anyone with the latest 411...?

I hear an overspeeding city hopa bus has overturned along Valley Road and it’s looking really bad- a few people reported dead and others terribly injured.

Anyone with pics and updates…?

@pamba kimbia hapo ulete mbisha.

Meria mata kimbia hapa na mbicha ama bado uko eldoret?

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ndio hizo picha, very nasty accident
[ATTACH=full]16728[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]16729[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]16730[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]16731[/ATTACH]


It’s only by God’s grace that more serious accidents never happen at that junction the way these moronic bus drivers speed down Valley Road in their rickety old buses like Idiots with half a brain.
I said a few months ago that section has always been my scariest matatu experience in the city.

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more photos
[ATTACH=full]16733[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]16734[/ATTACH]

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and there was a time there was an open man hole in the middle of that Road for quite sometime

waah hapa lazima kuna mtu alirushwa nje na akalaliwa na hii basi

No wonder siwes panda hizi vitu…city hoppa can take you to the grave juu ya no maintenancemaintenance on these junks

Hiyo ndio kufanya nini boss, is it to do with the engine - ama…?

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that’s how rumours start…with a speculative statement like this one…


@Web Dev = @gashwin

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wrong! whatever made you think that!

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If my osungu was that good as yours without the age shenanigans I would be golden.

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Its the overall jalopy quality. N esp the mechanical elements. Na zote zimekuwa na such issues ni nissan diesels.

They overwork

I think one of the worst mistakes of the Kibaki administration was to allow the late Kidinyi, sorry, Thuo, to kill KBS and start this company. I think this is probably the 20th accident these mafakas have caused at that junction over the last 5 years but I cant remember a KBS killing anybody there OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS.

Letme see what that idiotic NTSA which was harassing people last night along Langata Road will do.

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