Valentines day special - what are you eating either in the house or out there?

Guys, let us move away from SJ directions/safisha rungu/nani amekula hii kinda threads today and talk about food between lovers. You all Alpha and Beta males cannot lie to us that you are not [SIZE=1]busying [/SIZE][SIZE=4]yourselves with your WAGS. Short for wives and girlfriends today. Hiyo ni maongo.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]So please drop in and tell us what is the plot for the evening and if you don’t care, just tell us too. We are all ears.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]I will go 1st. Kwangu sipiki leo hooray and because he cannot really cook you a good meal…atalipa huko nje. He knows I like a good beef roast, with roast potatoes and all the veg that comes with it. And a glass of the devil’s sauce. Don’t care about flowers and gifts. Waste of our money. Just the meal bila jitotos…watalala mapema wapende wasipende. And him seducing me all over again…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Since the meal will not be in my house, mbisha nitaleta…I promise.[/SIZE]

Tumetoka conference natumeambiwa hio umama tuwache!!!

Chateaubriand with chateau potatoes and oven roast asparagus pale Emara Ole Sereni

MZEE Kibor huko men’s conference amesema tunyonge monkey

Asante KYM.

Asahnte, dúhe slices dige gúita núgú please Wa tata

I got nada to say to you. Sina slices. How many handles do you hold both male and female Kush? eh?

Reú nyoge núgú? Nú wega. Maisa maritúhire

lobster tails. Haitaki makasiriko.:smiley:

Clearly ume graduate with a degree in digi-kiihiiism from @digi university… :D:D:D, just picking my jaw from the floor expecting you to cleanse our eyes or imagination na ile umekula ama ni kukulwa…Make sure utuwekee ile picha where you are the main dish…

I have been inspired by @Finest wine

Mbisha zinakwom. You will just have a very long night waiting for them.

kĮhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak ibilisi