Vaginal discharge

Im happy I have a dicck. Hii vagina has alot of issues yet we keep looking for it…

But you usually bitch and moan like a woman leading one to think that maybe you have a vagina.

Sijui your dad left you a suzuki then you sold it then you started crying and listening to sad songs. Your heart was broken in two.

:D:D:Dheshimu wazee kiyana.


Its unAfrican to talk like this to someone old enough to be your Great Grandfather

It’s ok :D:D I know where her bitterness is coming from.

Naskia umepewa 24 hours ufike Kitui na wewe ni mzaha tu.

Saa ati una expect Trump atoke White house, awache hizo gari na bendera, awachie hako kamzee?

@Kahuni Maisha hebu school this lad. Wanadhani hii kiti wataichukua tu hivyo tukiona.

Mitch McConnell alisema nini? Remind me

Anawachezea psychology ndio tujue siri zenu. Lazima ajifanye ndio tujue.

:smiley: another reason not to have a Vagina. She’s probably in her periods :smiley:

You are trying too hard nowadays. You are very ambitious.

Sijui nilikutukana wapi ndio ukakuwa emotional , but ukiendelea hivi nitaanza kukuchuna on the regular ndio upate akili.

Wacha hata nikufungulie file.

Na sielewi mmerudi ktalk kutafuta nini. Na vile mlihama na maringo.


Huyo mkamba nitampea uppercut hiyo meno yake jembe aiteme yote, sitakangi ushienzi

Jewish men at the beginning of the daily morning prayers: “Blessed are you, Lord, our God, ruler of the universe who has not created me a woman.” how to begin our day.

@Abba head is way much plugged in Demonrat a$$. anyways , have you come across Lin wood audio tape of Robert’s and Breyer ?


Pale Epstein island.


In short, there’s enough evidence, that the justice system is compromised.

Nilisema walisoma pamoja.

The democrat party is lead by lawyers. These people have known each other for decades.

It seems they shared the same teenage girls.

Jan 20th