V8 TUKTUK . Serious stuff !

The kikuyu-swahili accent salesman ameweza hajaweza …
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Pale hakuna foreigners, makanika ni yule yule omera wetu murefi. Na sijataja mtu.

Hapo umenena. Huyo msee na two stroke ni mkali. I guess he also practises two strokes elsewhere.

Sasa ngojeni nifanye upgrade…hii kijiji hamtalala.

Hopefully yako itatanya mbiashala ya umber ya V8 :smiley:

The Walkthrough


What I have learnt from the video is that the government is providing unsolicited freight services by force. Merchants are waiting for their goods destined for mombasa only learn that their goods were secretly shipped to nairobi to generate fake business for SGR. You have to pay extra to have the goods brought back to mombasa.

2 litre coolant…so can drive from Msa to Ksm. Imagine in 5 years, about 500,000 to 1 million of these things crawling at 40-60kph up and down the MSA highway.

wazi mzeiya, napitia leo unipeleke Mikindani.
nimeona hii Scannia mahali

They desperately need the SGR to make buck even tho imekataa …they should have just upgraded the old line and biult metro systems in major towns then waibe kidogo kidogo from all these projects…vote wisely next time

Kenya Railways (KR) has refurbished 40 coaches which will be commissioned early next month to improve the commuter service for the Ruiru-Nairobi route.

The move is expected to ease congestion on the Thika superhighway and drastically reduce travel times for workers who live on the railway route.

Kenya Railways also said it is seeking to grow commuter numbers from the current 300,000 passengers monthly in Nairobi to two million over the next two years.

We are not in the 80’s my fren …cheki maneno !


ndola iko njuu

scambugger cheza kiwewe…iyo tuktuk ni kubwa kuliko ile choo ya Tharaka-nithi