Uzito Wadau. Just thought I should let you know.

Seriously, just what makes @captain obvious so awesome? Nini? Why do you peasants keep liking my content, even after I expressly forbade it in past self aggrandizing threads? Heneway, drop everything you’re doing and join me in congratulating myself on this latest achievement.


First and foremost, I wanna take this opportunity to thank my biggest fans for their support. To my haters too, I appreciate the role you’ve played in making me even bigger. I’ll keep you updated on my forthcoming achievements, mpende msipende.

Haya, I now welcome feedback in the form of questions, suggestions, constructive criticisms, and feelings. Sande.

Wanaume wenzako wanaiba gold na wewe unatafta likes

Banaa by one stroke of the claw oldmonkey nullified my 20 thousand likes , nimelia mpaka Hague but hakuna matokeo . Naskia vile Raira aliskia 2007 Karua akimnyanganya mkate full

Msee wewe ni these intelligent shy folks with insecurities.

Hiyo nugu inafaa tubribe KWS waishike alafu ikule nyahunyo hazihesabiki. Mtiaji saidi.

Okay :D:D:D:D

Meffi. Uko na 10% messages za huyu mzito na unaringa. Rudi kwa category yako ya amateur featherweights

Sasa hapa ndio mtu hu-expose ujinga wake. Unajua maana ya post-to-likes ratio? Stick to weird polls, this is way out of your league son.

Horticulture postings Huwa na likes ivi

When you have 10 accounts, sky is the limits.

There will always be someone better. Kuwa mpole[ATTACH=full]239319[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]239320[/ATTACH]

More power to them. I was celebrating my achievement. Sina wivu kama nyinyi. :D:D:D

Wacha hata niangushe hekaya this weekend juu ya hii maneno.

Hakuna tofauti yako na kartelo