Uwesmake disappearance

Don’t know if it’s just me but the x6 driver hasn’t been around for a while. May be it’s just me who hasn’t seen a post from him. Has he decided to lay down his harpoon?
Point to note is that he went missing after that Roysa story. May be his Prado is actually a fielder.
If you’ve seen or heard from him please confirm.



Alikuwa anarudi juu huko traffic onge wach

Ako netherlands

Amesota hakuna pesa ya bundles

[li]Might he have been attacked by his momos[/li][/ol]

ama mama clichy alileta shida

alipotelea ndani ya hippopotamus ikijaribu kuifikishia threshold

Amekariwa na mungikiress

Chekeni tu and maybe one of his momo collapsed on top of him and suffocated him to death.

https://www.kenyatalk.com/data/avatars/m/12/12030.jpg?1506440927i love this @pseudonym

Thanks…long time bana…where have you been hiding?

job jo.ni end month so been closing books to meet targets

Wueh! hapa motivation ya knocked knees imefika space.

  1. Heshima kwa parachute wearers priss

Kah Tony if you hear from my Bae unitag.

According to his last post he was doing something illegal. Hakuna ktalk kamiti. Kabambe pekee

He was doing something illegal, then he disappeared. It could go both ways, either he’s hiding from the long arm of the law, or the long arm of the law imemkamata.

He may be using one of his other handles.

Sweeps za introkanika zilifanya aka-retire the handle.:D:D:D