uwesmake a pervert

I don’t know why i should even waste my time writing about a boy named above.

But to me he seems a teenager who has nothing important to do. Period!

And you have nothing important to do other than write about a teenager that has nothing important to do ???

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budah uwesmake aint a kid. He is 30+ Y.O uyo ni baba ya watu. hata sio mtu. WATU

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He doesn’t take this place seriously and neither should you. Keep writing your stories and learn how to filter criticism. Even Google.

HAHAHA This is Gold

SWADAKTA @Hash_Tag ,


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@EBRU,you still owe us part two omwami.

A polite question papa, how much do you spend on data? Those are a lot of MBs you use to download them photos

Like somebody said, tunaiba wifi ya ofisi.

He should behave like a 30+ plus then asilete umama hapa.
Which 30+ steals the office wifi to download disfigured fat women when others are busy working.?
Unless he is a pervert

Just like you should not be taking me serious right now

Kijana, this is a fight you can’t win.Supu and Jaks went down with klost trying to reform uwesmake.Wewe ndiye utamake?Nah!

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He must ne new here.

i think you have them… ni date 23rd

Hata prayers can not help uwesmake. I gave him up to the devil.