Utaoa lini / utapata mtoto lini? kwani is it amust

This kind of ideology ndio inapeleka sisi Waafrica nyuma. Every body is in a rush to marry and have children as if it is a must. Like 85% of my buddies wamezalishana na wengine wao hata hawana a asteady income or job. Hii tabia sana sana ina affect sana ladies. You find a lady who is lets say 24- 26. All her buddies wamezaa , so the chic decides who am i to be left behind. Tafutaz any Tom,Dick or Harry and after 9months kimezaa. Most of the time due to udesparado chic anawachwa mataani by the Tom , dick and Harry and ends up being a single mom.

Jamaas even ndio wajinga zaidi, jamaa ni hustler lakini juu maboys wake wame marry hata yeye anatafuta mtu waku marry. Maboys lied to him ati nani tafuta bibi alafu macho ya hustling ndio itafunguka vizuri…lakini wapi. Ukienda slums and Eastlands utapata many young people with families and they do struggle to fend for them

Enda upmarket estates, uku ndio utapata 45 y.o bachelors and spinsters who are living large na hawana hata haraka ya kuoa ama ku produce. Go to the west (US, Europe) the youth pia hao hawana haraka ya kuoa…1st priority finish my studies, get a job…save enough money and then from there may be and jus may be they will decide to settle down. Lakini Africa fala amemaliza uni akapata ka job na pengine sio permanent ndio uyo amekimbilia mambo ya familia ati juu watu keep on asking utaoa lini/utapata mtoto lini? Ukienda kwa Wall ya Maina Kageni facebook, every time he starts a topic unapata some idiots kazi yao tuu niku uliza Maina ati utaoa lini? Ati Tafuta bibi nikama they will be paying bills for you.

PS: mimi sijaoa na sina haraka…na ninanusia kiu thartie


Endelea kudry fry your chics and you will be posting pics of your baby on FB this time next year

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Nigga mimi si the reckless kind!! am better than that. Ungejua the pple i have lost due to HIV (relatives included) then u will elewa me. I have seen Ukimwi eat some one pole pole hadi kwa grave. Unacheki msee alikuwa mnono lakini with time hio kitu inaanza kumchukua…anakonda right b4 yr eyes. Hata nikiwa mlevi aje siwesi dry fry ata mtu anakaa kama vera sidika. pS: wallet yangu aikosangi CD

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I attended a cousins memorial service this past Friday. He was found dead in his apartment. No wife, no kids. He died at 40. Born and raised in the leafy surbubs. I think that’s a very lonely way to live and die. Ata afadhali ange dunga mboch mimba there would be someone out there anam fikiria at least. Na hii story ya ku oa na forty fae, chunga usipate watoi retards. Acha nitafute story nilisoma mahali to that effect nita kuekea hapa.


Mwanamke ndio akizaa kama amechelewa ndo ngori lakini wanaume njoti ainanga expiry date. Ni story ngapi umeskia ya Head teachers inpregnating school girls ama Sugar daddies amepatia clande mimba na mtoi sio retard.

Nini iliua daktari by the way? Ni gauge ama? Guy used to drown a whole 750 ml bottle of kibao by himself and chase it with a kaquarter of the same brand anaenda home.

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Just what I was about to tell him. If he is keeping cds in the wallet, he will be a father sooner than he expects…it doesnt even have to be for long. The friction of it rubbing against itself and the packaging plus being squeezed when sitting down, all factor in.
Not to mention that condoms are only around 88% effective when used correctly…

@Riakanau and @karema-hitI same person or relatives.

Your argument lacks logic. Hao 45 year olds from leafy suburbs are just over grown babies who depend on their parents for housing, food etc.

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What’s it with men putting CDs in their wallets anyway?

Must be gauge juu hakuwa jamaa wa pharmacy.

@Web Dev what is wrong with two strangers knowing the same person???

Wait you get married na hakuna signs za mtoto…the pressure is real!! Ukiwa family gathering unaskia Cucu " Mungu baba saidia FP apate mtoto, fungua sijui ni…" Then everyone is sympathetic and your day ruined!


Mimi pia nilikuwa nasema sitapata watoto same reasoning na huyu jamaa, then i grew up and realised life is not only about having fun and hanging out with the boys and work u need to have your own

Marriage is a personal choice. But if you plan to marry, it is better to do it early. Dont wait until 30 something years. I note that you are quoting US and Europe. Most young people in europe start living as couples in upper high school and university. Because official marriages in these countires are rare or they come later, these come we stay arrangements are equivalent to our marriage here. Even those who get married officially, they do it in early 20s, else they formalise it when their children are grown ups.

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Alipakwa jivu matako? hihihihi

Marry only when you alone decides the time is right, and not when society decides it for you.



personal choices. enough said.

When you have children, your priority shifts to seeing them grow up. Everything you do, you do with them in mind. Many stop risky sexual behaviour, they might cheat but they do it safely. If you have a child at 35 years, believe me, your worry is whether you will see him or her become an adult. It is better to have them early so that by the time you retire, you are free from basic parental responsibilities and can lead your life comfortably.

I talk to people who married late and most of them wonder what they had been waiting for. In most cases, people wait thinking they will get better jobs or their financial status will have improved, but as they hit 40, they realise that nothing has really improved but still they want to get married and have children.

Consequently, it is better to regret why you married early than why you did not


I agree that nobody knows what the future has in store for him/her. Given a second chance, many will make their choices differently.

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