UTALIJUA JIJI...(Hekaya True)

Majamaa …Hii Nairobi kama hujaporwa bado haujui.

Nakumbuka back in 2010 kabla nijue sijui hii Nairobi ina wenyewe…yaani nilitupishwa rada na nikachanuliwa mchana saa sita nikatii. Kama Drama this happened hadi nikashuku ni black magic.

So I remember one day back in 2010 my young and focused self was on my way from College rushing to catch another class.Hizo ndo enzi every shilingi mattered and to We from Oshago We were in the city to read,learn and make our parents proud. You know vile mzazi hukuambia Without butting an eye lid that “I want you to go to school na Usome kwa bidii” So this was my purpose in this city. Anyhu Litlo did I know that my generosity would lead me to a frenzy…
actaully it did me bad.

Now I had walked from loita street and while walking Kidogo kidogo nikakutana with this one Old lady pale market street… one of those streets behind I&M.She was grey-haired with small black patches remaining but also in cue for greying.

We greeted and I applied all the respect when greeting the elders kwa unyenyekevu and what note and she even held my hand by the palms.

She said she is called “Dada Margaret” and Immediately the shosh told me that she was looking for directions to Posta because she had an appointment at a hospital located there…PRUNK NUMBER ONE(There is no osiptol at Posta for the much that I know now… but then sikuwa najua).

Haya… sasa me and my kimbelembele of kusaidia nikaanza kumchapia Vectors lakini litlo did I know that the biggest mistake I made was greeting this Old granny…something that I usually dont do to strangers. I had given her a gentlemans handshake which gave her the freedom to hold my hand. Unbeknwonst and unawares to me this was the deadliest mistake made because this gave her an avenue of contact and her modus-operandi slowly shifted from stranger to that of an acquaintace

Anyway at that time my thoughts were not considering any harm to come out of her and mg line of thought was that she is just but a helpless granny that was innocently asking and looking for directions. Being Old and elderly I thought she was genuine and since I was in a hurry to catch my next class quick quick nilikuwa tu signs kama Bubu interpreter namsimulia vile achape kona halafu mbele kidogo ataona GPO and boom she will be at her destination…Ole wangu!! The old thing wasnt letting me go anytime soon.

So I was busy describing directions and here comes Some young chap who appeared as if to have chomokad from nowhere.The dude was hurriedly walking on the same street towards “our” direction and just like any other passerby he was walking very fast “minding his own” biashara…PRUNK NUMBER TWO

…TO BE CONTINUED.(True Hekaya)

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Hiyo continuation iwe in Swahili pls, … sijui kisungu vizuri

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